College Grad Photos: How to Pop Champagne

Updated: Oct 5

Popping champagne is the perfect end to any college graduation photoshoot, but capturing the perfect graduation photo is a challenge. Below are tips and tricks all grad photographers and graduates should know before they start popping bottles for their champagne graduation pictures.

1. Bring Two Bottles of Champaign

Whether a person walks behind your shot or you want to pop champagne in two different spots on camfpus, you never know when you're going to need a backup bottle. Grads may be nervous to pop the champagne so by popping two bottles you have two rounds of photos to choose from.

2. Take Champaign Pics LAST

This gets messy. To avoid champagne stains and messing up hair & makeup, let this be the last graduation picture you get before heading out. It's also such a fun way to end a shoot because grad photos are all about celebration.

3. Remove the Cork Before Shaking

When it comes time to take a champagne graduation photo, things can get very hectic. One common mistake is trying to pop the cork off and shake the champagne bottle at the same time. The champagne bottle won't explode when you take the cork out unless you shake it, so take the cork out gently.

4. Cover the Top of the Bottle with your Thumb

Have you ever used a garden hose? When you want the water to shoot straight out, you cover the whole with your thumb. It's the same for champagne. Once the cork is off, cover the whole with your thumb, then when the grad and photographer are ready, start shaking and move your thumb to cover the whole halfway. This gives the grad more control over the champagne spray and the champagne will spray for a longer amount of time.

5. Look Up then Look at the Camera

You've got time. At first, look up at the champagne then look over at the camera and smile for a perfect senior photo. My favorite tip that makes every grad laugh until they realize I'm being serious is this: don't forget your face is in the picture. It's tempting to make a face when the champagne is spraying in your face but if you tough it out, you'll be grateful.

Let's Pop Bottles

As an event and portrait photographer located in San Diego, California I live for my graduation portraits. As a recent college grad myself I understand these pictures are so special; you, your friends, and your family will look back on them for years to come. Contact me today and let's pop some champagne, gently.

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