Hi, I'm Katie!

Capturing your most special moments & people is my specialty.

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After growing up in the mountains of Colorado, I moved to California for college. I graduated with a Business Marketing Degree and a minor in photography from San Diego State University. 

Photography has always been a part of my life. In middle school, I began using my parent's camera to photograph super overdramatic portraits of my 5-year-old sister, my friends, and anything I could. They were so cringe but that's part of the learning process lol. 

I began taking pictures for a local boutique and by my freshman year of high school, I had my first senior pictures session.  Now my grad seasons are packed and I spend the rest of the year shooting weddings, portraits, engagements, parties, and learning from amazing photographers. 

Whether I'm photographing an event or portraits, I look for the details. I believe that small moments and items can tell a larger story. If you notice many of the images on my investments page are detail-oriented. Along with the images you expect from a wedding or grad session, I attempt to deliver a few tiny moments in every gallery. Let me capture your special moments and people.